About Me

Hi, I am Rita from Manipur and have been residing in Chandigarh since 2004. I came here for the course of Aviation but God led me to the way He wanted. That’s why I am now the one whom I want to be. 

I created this website to share my knowledge and experience with you – the holy shit moments. I learn something new every day from the things I do. My hobbies are gardening, feeding pets, cooking, cleaning, singing, and dancing. I have 2 dogs and 8 budgies (4+4 in two cages). It’s very difficult living like this alone with a lot of work and effort but I enjoy doing difficult things. I keep myself busy all the time doing the things I want. For something I love to do, I just do it by hook and crook even though I am in a bad situation. And, that makes me happier. If you are happy, you are healthy, healthy you are wealthy. 

I started my career in Airline Industry as an Air Hostess but I did not want the job profile after having completed the course. So, I left thinking of it and joined an Architect’s office. Besides, I continued my studies (B.A. as a private student).

In 2011, I joined a multinational company “AffiliRed, a travel performance agency that managed affiliate programs for 30+ merchants (hotel chains and flight booking platforms) through worldwide affiliate networks – TradeTracker, AWIN, ShareASale, Webgains, etc. I worked there for 4 years. I left the company because I wanted to stay at home (Manipur). At that time there was no remote working system.

In 2016, I am back in Chandigarh and I joined a company named “Okaya Infocom” at the Rajiv Gandhi International Park (IT Park), Chandigarh. I learned new things every day to be able to work independently. I first heard about Upwork from the company. I, myself, had learned how to work with it and so I had the experience of working on the platform as a freelancer. I became a self-learner and after one year I left the company and started my own job at Upwork. Now I am totally independent and I have experienced so many things in life that I want to share with you. My sister also works under me.

It’s all about my job, career, plantation, and pets.

I work from home so that I can take care of my pets and plants very well and I never feel alone. They make me always busy, and always make noise around me. It’s like a house full. I love this life.

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I will write at least one article every weekend. Hope you’ll enjoy reading those!!